Danika Wright - Senior Hard Surface Modeler

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Technical Skills:

  • 12 years experience as a hard surface modeler in the film and games industry.
  • Proficient in Maya, Photoshop and Turtle.
  • Ability to work with polygons, NURBS, sub-divisional surfaces, smooth proxy
  • Very experienced generating clean high resolutions meshes for either cinematics/film or high to low resolution transfers
  • Very experienced  generating normal maps, diffuse, specular, exponent, albedo and tint maps.
  • 20 plus years of fine art experience, including a four year fine art degree.

Employment History:

Valve Software (October 2003 to January 2012)

Senior Hard Surface Artist.  At Valve artists are expected to take the initiative and research and design art needed for the game and to take that through to a fully textured, compiled model. All my work at Valve was researched, modelled and textured by myself, unless otherwise stated.


Half Life 2
- Creation of Citadel, combine APC, combine interiors, other hard surface props and architectural details to fill the city 17 universe. Attention to detail to show an old city that has gone through many architectural styles over the course of it’s life. Designed, worked from self gathered research, old architecture books, collaborative concepts.

Half Life 2 Lost Coast
- Researched, designed and created hard surface models, ships and architecture for village taken over by the Combine.

Day of Defeat
- Researched, designed and created hard surface props to fill the DoD universe, including, military vehicles and props.

Team Fortress 2
- Concept development of architectural spaces. Design work on TF2 visual style. Creation of props, vehicles and a lot of trains.

Half Life 2 Episode 1 and Half Life 2 Episode 2
- researched, designed, created hard surface props and architecture for both Half Life 2 Episodes.

Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2
- Redesign of existing spaces, creating hard surface props, architectural props and trains.  Designed, modeled props and environments such as the Louisiana cometary, the carnival and Mardi Gras parade float. Involved in mentoring an outsourced team.

Portal 2
- Hard surface prop and architectural models and textures. Management of model poly and texture budgets.

- Modeling and texturing of view and world weapons, vehicles, trains and hard surface props. Responsible for both high and low poly models, texture transfers and textures. Involved in content and quality control for outsourcing team.

Internal design, rendering and engine development projects
- Part of art team responsible for working on next-gen engine development. High resolution architecture and prop modeling, surface transfer from high to low res models.

Lidar Services (Sept 2001 to October 2002)

Senior hard surface and environment 3d modeller for film visual effects. Working from photographs, plans, drawings and laser scan data, was responsible for making high resolution and pre-vis (low res) models of feature film sets, locations and props, creation of digital set extensions. Work was done in Maya, using polygons, NURBS and sub-div surfaces.


Master and Commander
- Created extremely high resolution models of two 19th century tall ships that were the two focal ships in the movie. Work was based off original plans for the USS Constitution, photographs taken in Boston, and historic plans of other ships.

Dare Devil
- Created over 10 high resolution 3D models of downtown Los Angeles, added details to make look like a New York vista.

X-men 2
- Responsible for modeling multiple high resolution and pre-vis sets/environments.

Ghost of the Abyss
- Modeled ship components and rooms of the Titanic.  Used images and plans to model the Titanic in it’s before and after state.

Day After Tomorrow
- high and low resolution modeling of hard surface props and environments using NURBS and polygons based off photographs and laser scan data.

Education and Workshops:

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
, California State Fullerton University

Anatomy workshop, Scott Eaton

Painting & Drawing workshops, Robert Liberace

Figure Drawing workshops, Glen Vilppu